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Finally, Fabric!

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Thai Silks I knew it was here somewhere, just a matter of hunting it down, but once we found shops with fabric, they were everywhere. In Bangkok there are streets filled with tailor shops willing to make suits, sport coats, and pants out of gorgeous lightweight wool, cashmere and linen. Custom fitted shirts can also be made out of beautiful shirting fabric. Not exactly inexpensive, but certainly less than you would pay in the US.

Tailor Shop

Since Fitz needed a wardrobe update (he is either shrinking or losing weight) he had some things made. It took a few trips for measurements, first fitting, and final fitting but he ended up with some great looking clothes.

Ladies silks were everywhere too, once we knew where to look. There are some pretty fabulous shopping malls here and the silk shops all seem to be located inside. I saw some beautiful handmade silk jackets in one shop but they didn’t allow photos, this shop, however, didn't seem to mind.

More Thai Silks

We went to Singapore for a few days and found even more fabric there! There is a street called Arab Street, which has rows and rows of Turkish shops carrying more silk, and cotton fabrics. Lots of rug shops available here too, if you need some beautiful floor coverings.

Arab St. Fabric

We were even able to find a quilt shop in Singapore called Quilts and Friends, a great little shop owned by Brigette Lee. She was in the middle of teaching a class when we arrived but was gracious enough to take a break and show us around her wonderful shop. I was hoping to purchase some local fabric but Brigette explained that there were no fabric designers in Singapore so the majority of her fabrics were from American and Japanese companies.

Quilts and Friends


All in all, a pretty good variety of beautiful fabrics!

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White Temples, Black Houses, and Opium?

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No grass growing under our feet as we have been constantly busy exploring new areas of Thailand. We flew from Bangkok to Chaing Rei, which is in northern Thailand and stayed at the beautiful Meridian Resort for a couple of days.The Meridian  

The town of Chaing Rei is considerably smaller than Bangkok but in order to get around we hired a driver to take us on a tour of the area. With small children in tow, it’s a little difficult to see more than a couple of places each day but they were troopers as we dragged them around in what felt like 100-degree heat.

The white temple was high on our list and not at all what we expected. We have visited a few Buddhist temples here and just thought it would be another Buddhist temple that was painted white but found instead that is was created by a Thai artist with a different idea in mind. There is a great post here http://www.thailandforchildren.com/chiang-mai-family-travel/chiang-rai/white-temple-wat-rong-khun-thailand to give you a better idea, than I can, about all that is represented there.

White TempleNext, we headed to the Black House, which was also quite different. There were several buildings, all black, which looked a lot like temples but contained long wooden tables and chairs made from animal horns.

Black HouseMany wooden carvings on poles and tables, which displayed crocodile and snake skins. Additional buildings on the property housed an elephant skeleton and large fishing traps hanging from the rafters.Black House Inside

As with everything to visit around here, there was a gift shop just in case you wanted to purchase your own “look alike” crocodile handbag.

Finally, the last stop of the day was at the Golden Triangle where the countries of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand come together.Golden Triangle

This used to be the largest opium producing area and there is now an Opium Museum to visit. It’s pretty much a tourist trap but was filled with all types of pipes, and smoking paraphernalia.Opium Pipes


Apparently you could rest your head on one of these marble and ceramic "pillows" as you smoked the pipe and soon it would feel like you were "floating on a cloud". Ha!


There was even a replica of a prisoner to show you what can happen to you if you decide to go down this path.

I guess I was expecting to see fields of poppies instead and had great visions of making a poppy quilt! Not a poppy in sight!

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Thai-ing One On!

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DSC00375We’re doing a little traveling, visiting our daughter, son-in-law and four grandsons (all ages 6 and under) in Thailand! After the 32 hour plane ride on three separate flights we finally arrived, although we were pretty exhausted. It has taken a couple of days to adjust to the new time zone, 11 hours ahead of Raleigh time, but we’re not waking up at 3 am and staying awake for a couple of hours anymore. Since our time here is limited, we aren’t letting any grass grow under our feet, although not much grass is growing anywhere here in Bangkok. It’s a really busy place full of sights and smells not often experienced in North Carolina. Traffic is constant and a little harrowing with pink taxis, tut-tuts, baht buses, and motorcyclists fighting for their piece of the narrow streets here. Kathleen drives their mini van around like a champ, not easy considering it is an American vehicle and they drive on the other side of the road here so she has a double challenge with her steering wheel being on the wrong side of the car! Can’t seem to figure out who has the right of way, pedestrians or drivers, as no one wants to give, but we finally realized that if you are walking you are always on the defensive.

What we take for granted in the US is obvious here, as there are hardly any sidewalks wider than about three feet and they are in a constant state of disrepair with uneven levels to navigate, large holes and cracks, and loose tiles. We’re doing a LOT of walking but have to constantly watch where we step so as not to end up flat on our face in front of a taxi or oncoming bus. Needless to say, walking anywhere with a six year old, a four year old, and a set of two year old twins is a lesson in patience and fearful hysteria. Sidewalks aren’t wide enough for a twin stroller so in order to use the stroller you have to walk along the edge of the street and hope no one is having a bad driving day.

Temperatures around 100 degrees are normal here and we, as Americans, seem to be the only ones with sweat dripping from our “red as beet” faces. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Chatuchak Market.

DSC00373This huge market is apparently very famous here, made up of tiny little vendor shops. They sell everything from new and used clothing, any type of Thai food you can imagine, small animals, birds, and fish and furniture and accessories.

DSC00365 I found a pair of pants and a shirt that I liked and asked to try them on. The ladies were very accommodating, “Sure, sure” they said, “try them on here!” and they took me into their tiny vending space and stood in front of me as I stood there half naked trying the clothes on while hundreds of people walked by just a few feet away! I bought the pants.



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