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Creating Better Photos

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In the past I've used a point and shoot digital camera to take pictures. Recently I upgraded to a Canon SLR camera and am attempting to learn how to use it not just on autofocus, but also by taking photos on the manual setting. My daughter has a blog which explains all of this in easy to understand language. Sure beats trying to read the manual and not having a clue as to what I am supposed to be learning. If you have a camera and need a little help and encouragement on how to use it, come on over to http://www.clickitupanotch.com and join in the fun!  You can jump in at any time, lessons are ongoing and they are FREE! The idea this week was to submit a photo using a tip that you learned this week. I changed my focal point and focused on Marley's eyes. This shot is SOOC (straight out of the camera) even though it looks like I Photoshopped the background out. Marley likes to sneak upstairs and I caught her in one of her favorite spots, at the top of the stairs!