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Christmas Candles

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Another Christmas tradition in our family is putting the Christmas candles in all the windows.  This is as far as I go when it comes to lighting up the house for the holidays.  Sorry, no inflatable Santas, Snoopys, or Snow Globes on my front lawn.  There was a time when we hung green pine garland with white lights up one side of the front door, over the huge arched window above it and down the other side.  This would require getting out the 25 foot extension ladder and having my husband or my then teenage son climb the ladder which was precariously balanced on the front steps and leaning against the house just above the arched window above the door.  It was usually a knuckle biting experience on my part as all I could think about would be the ladder slipping and the person on top of the ladder crashing through the upstairs window.  I think DH and DS were both relieved when I decided, a few years ago, that it wasn't worth risking life and limb just to add a few more lights to the front of the house.

These window candles have been in our family, and glowing at Christmastime in our windows, for over 30 years.  I know there are more beautiful candles around these days but it's just not that easy getting rid of something like this.  Our kiddos used to complain when I would call out every evening, "Go plug in the lights!"  We've gotten wise the past few years and now have all of them on timers, wish we'd thought of that years ago as it would have stopped all the complaining of, "It's not my turn, I did it last night!"

I'm still working to improve my photos by participating in Courtney's Click it Up a Notch tutorials.  This week I learned that it takes a lot of photos and a lot of camera adjustments to get just what you are looking for.  Shutter 1/30, Aperture f18, ISO 1600.

Creating Better Photos

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In the past I've used a point and shoot digital camera to take pictures. Recently I upgraded to a Canon SLR camera and am attempting to learn how to use it not just on autofocus, but also by taking photos on the manual setting. My daughter has a blog which explains all of this in easy to understand language. Sure beats trying to read the manual and not having a clue as to what I am supposed to be learning. If you have a camera and need a little help and encouragement on how to use it, come on over to http://www.clickitupanotch.com and join in the fun!  You can jump in at any time, lessons are ongoing and they are FREE! The idea this week was to submit a photo using a tip that you learned this week. I changed my focal point and focused on Marley's eyes. This shot is SOOC (straight out of the camera) even though it looks like I Photoshopped the background out. Marley likes to sneak upstairs and I caught her in one of her favorite spots, at the top of the stairs!