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Pumpkin Applique Quilt Pattern

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White Pumpkin Pillow

Are you looking for a new pumpkin appliqué quilt pattern or new ways to use patterns from your stash? Sometimes we make a pattern and then store it away or, let's be real, add it to a pile in our sewing studio which continues to grow until it gets so big that things begin to fall over. Oh, that doesn't sound like you? Me either! Who am I kidding?!

Or, maybe your pile is full of "someday I will get to that" projects. I've heard those exact words from many of you when I get to see your smiling faces in my booth at a show.

Whichever boat you are in, I'd like for you to realize that there is more that you can do with your pattern, other than what the picture shows on the pattern cover.

About this time each year, I get "itchy" to pull out my autumn quilts and wallhangings to add the colors of fall to my favorite spaces. As much as I love spring and summer, I love the transformations of fall. A time of cooler days, changes in the garden from the tired blooms of summer to a sprinkling of vivid leaves slowly showering the yard. Memories of visits to pumpkin patches, when our kids were small. Drinking tart apple cider, and stuffing flannel shirts and jeans with straw to create the perfect scarecrow.

It’s Fall Y’all

It’s Fall Y’all

Create a Pumpkin Applique Quilt

"It's Fall Y'all" makes the perfect wallhanging to keep those memories alive. Maybe you already have this one in your stash. Why not use it to create a decorative pillow for your couch or favorite chair or use it to create a pumpkin applique quilt. I decided to do just that and used the pumpkin design to create a 20 inch pillow. Since white pumpkins are everywhere these days, I decided to change up the colors on the pattern cover to make the pillow fit my décor.

Use Fabrics From Your Stash

I really enjoyed pulling fabrics to try this new color way, fusing the pieces together, and then auditioning background fabrics until I decided on the perfect background and borders. When it came time to stitch the applique pieces down, I pulled several colors of Aurifil thread and decided to go a little darker with the taupe color so that the segments of the pumpkin were more distinct.

Choosing the perfect shade of Aurifil thread.

Choosing the perfect shade of Aurifil thread.

"Kick it Up a Little" by Quilting Your Design

Once the applique was complete and the borders were sewn on, I had a choice of adding the pillow back and calling it "done" but I decided to add some batting and backing and quilt it with some swirls instead. I used a contrasting brown thread so that it would show up on the black background. My eyes cannot handle quilting black fabric with black thread!

Swirls of quilting added to give it a little zest!

Swirls of quilting added to give it a little zest!

I added a zipper to the back of the pillow, just in case I ever needed to remove the cover for cleaning, and then stitched the front to the back and stuffed it with a 20" pillow form.


 Make a Table Runner or More

This design would also make a great table runner by switching out the scarecrow block and adding another pumpkin in its place. Or, create a quilt with many pumpkin blocks.

 If you don't have this particular pattern in your stash, now would be a great time to add it. I've recently created downloadable pdf's of several of my patterns and you can find them on my website under the PDF tab. Or, if you prefer to order your own hard copy, you can find it along with my other designs. Click here to order this pattern.


 I'm enjoying a little "slow sewing" lately, no major deadlines and just being able to take my time and enjoy the process. It's something I've been missing for awhile now. I hope that you are finding your joy and are beginning to see some early signs of fall.

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