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A Light-hearted Look at Appliqué Quilts by Sandy Fitzpatrick

To Market, To Market

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I made it to Quilt Market in Houston and am having a great time meeting shop owners, company reps, and new customers. I did a Schoolhouse session on Friday and though I was nervous beforehand, once I started talking it was a piece of cake and time went by quickly. Thanks to all the ladies who laughed at just the right time and made me feel so relaxed! My friend, Shirley, is helping me in my booth and we are having a great time. We sneak out between customers to check out what is up and coming in the sewing and quilting world.

What fun to see Alex Veronelli, from Aurifil Threads today as he came by my booth to meet me. Nothing like a good looking Italian showing up in your booth at the end of the day...he smells good too!

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! Lots of shopping ahead.