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Snips and Snails and Sugar and Spice

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There's nothing more exciting than the birth of a brand new baby, unless it's the birth of three beautiful babies! Twin grandsons Ryan William and Dylan Joseph made their grand entry into the world on Saturday evening, May 5th.  I was thrilled to be in the delivery room as my daughter, Kathleen and her husband, Steve welcomed these two new sons. Ryan weighed in at 8 pounds and Dylan weighed 6 pounds and 12 ounces! That's a lot of babies to be carrying around for a normally skinny 5' 2" mama.  Mom and babies are healthy and happy. Older brothers, Jackson, age 4, and Gavin, age 23 months are fascinated with the new additions. Jackson took a picture of the twins to preschool to proudly show off his new brothers. Gavin is beginning to realize he's not the "baby" anymore but is adjusting.

I spent a couple of weeks cuddling these two and then boarded a plane to Okinawa, Japan to await the birth of Claire Marie. I had only been in Japan a couple of days when she decided to make her appearance on May 25th.  Nothing like being in the delivery room for the arrival, such a miracle!

She is a doll, weighing in at 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long. Big sisters, Kate, almost 5, and Emma, 3, think she is just the best little sister. They are anxious to teach her everything that a "girl's life" entails. Mom, Courtney, and Dad, Ian, are adjusting to life with three girls.

More fun for me to enjoy cuddling another baby. Babies are such fun, so soft, and smell so good (most of the time)! This grandmother business sure has its perks!