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A Light-hearted Look at Appliqué Quilts by Sandy Fitzpatrick

Snow Quilts

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Image What amazing snow art! Simon Beck found a great way to create art and get his exercise at the same time by creating these fabulous works of art on frozen lakes in Savoie, France. To see more great "quilt" art click here.  Or check out his facebook page here.


Thanks, Carol, for the "heads up" on this fabulous artist! This is certainly not on my "bucket list" since I detest the cold but I find it truly amazing what can be accomplished by someone who definitely thinks outside the box. Many of Simon's designs would indeed make wonderful quilts which, ironically would keep you much warmer. However, since intricate piecing is farther down on my list I would have to attempt something similar in applique. Let's just suffice it to say that's probably not happening either!

Maybe these photos will inspire you to try something a little more challenging though!