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A Light-hearted Look at Appliqué Quilts by Sandy Fitzpatrick

Shear Bliss!

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It's all about the tools! Whenever you are preparing to do a project, whether it's sewing, quilting, woodworking, painting, or maybe even playing a sport you know that the proper tools or equipment makes everything so much easier. I must admit that I am a scissors junkie. Since I do a lot of sewing and quilting I need several pairs of scissors and they each have their own purpose. There are scissors for cutting fabric, for cutting paper, thread snips, applique scissors, embroidery scissors, pinking shears, etc. and heaven help the child or husband who sneaks into my stash of scissors to use a pair of these for something they are working on. Of course when we are looking for the junk pair of scissors to hack something up around the house, these are the most difficult to find. Recently I found out about a sale at the Gingher factory in Greensboro, just about an hour and a half from my house and decided a road trip was in order. Apparently this sale lasted just two weekends and I only found out about it in time to make it for the second weekend. Although I missed out on some great scissors, they still had plenty to make my trip worthwhile. If you are familiar with the Gingher brand, you know that these are some of the very best scissors. I can't tell you how exciting it was to open the door to this warehouse to find so many different types of scissors laying out on the tables just waiting to find a new home! Many of them were for lefties, of which I am not, but there were still several right handed gems to choose from. Surprisingly they also had some rulers that were quite a deal. All in all I was able to score 7 pairs of scissors, a left-handed rotary cutter (I have a friend who will be thrilled with this), and 9 rulers for a grand total of $32!  Wooo Hoooo!

Out of curiosity I decided to see how many cutting utensils I actually own and this photo doesn't include a few pairs that are in various project bags, uh-oh, I guess I really do have an addiction. Oh well, if this is the only addiction I have to worry about I think I'll be fine...don't know if there is a twelve step program for this.

Do you have a secret addiction? Do tell...